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Blab Social Media

What is Blab?

Blab is the hottest new social media platform for businesses. You may be thinking that you have heard these exact same pieces of commentary before about a social network, but there are things about Blab that are completely different than other platforms.

The thing that is fundamentally different about Blab is the fact that the platform only takes a topic that is of great interest and opens it up for discussion for people that work with you in a way that the intellectual property of the company can be shared together.

The reason for that is the fact that there is tons of time to ensure that you are able to innovate and share ideas when you have the smartest minds in the company sharing their feedback on a topic in a social media platform. You could think of Blab as your internal IP development springboard together.


Blab can also be opened up to people from all over the world who will be able to work with you and ensure that you are able to share your ideas with them and also that you are ready to have access to the ability to speak to anyone in the world, and it can be inside of your company or outside of your company. Blab is a social media platform that will allow you to have a way that you can record conversations as well.

You have the ability to plug your conversation into YouTube with both audio and video. When you do this, you will be able to communicate and share your conversations with the record anywhere in the world.


There are many people who are on the bleeding edge of technology and who are working on the platform long term. This is a great way to allow you to have access to a great gain of intellectual property, and you will be able to also see that you will love the beauty of the platforms.

There are a few parts of the social media that are still being worked out, but this is one thing that will continue to be updated.


What Businesses are using Blab as a repository for Intellectual Property and Social Media?

Right now there are many businesses that are using Blab for social media, and they are using it as the beginnings of a repository for intellectual property. The main reason for the popularity of the platform is the fact that it is completely free, and it allows you to record and also have conversations with people all over the world.

This is the ultimate platform to ensure that you are going to be able to unleash your creativity with your staff and know that you are going to have access to all of the best options for your company. When you are planning all of your intellectual property needs you are going to see that Blab is going to be a perfect platform for all of your business needs.

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