Web design and development: Example of a travel blog.

Thailandite is a travel website designed to help tourists go and explore Thailand. We worked on the web design and at the same time we also made the website responsive, using a single language. 

We also worked closely on the website and optimized it for local SEO, created the logo and handled all the web development work on the website. The concept of this website is a unique one, because it allows people from all over the world to learn more about Thailand.

web design article picIf you want to know tips and tricks about Thailand, traveling there, getting the best bang for your buck and saving money on your travels, this is by far the best website to do it. Thailandite also has news regarding the tourism sector in the country. So if you are interested in the Thailand tourism world or if you want tourism info if you visit the country, then this is a great website for you.

Every bit of information on the website is informative and designed to help you learn more about this beautiful country and what it has to offer. You can also access the social media pages and see the view count for every article too.

The way we approached this work is by making sure that the website is WordPress based. This was a requirement from the owners and it’s also a recommendation from us, because it was easy to create a responsive, unique theme that fits the website needs and requirements. On the website you can find news, guides, destination information, weather info, and exchange rates too. 

Mobile Homepage - Thailandite.com

Thailandite.com was created specifically to satisfy Google’s demand for mobile websites, and it has a stellar responsive design. The website is also available only in Italian and it has information about all iconic places of the land of smile. The website loading time is between 2-3 seconds, so it loads extremely fast and we made sure to optimize everything from images to code to ensure that Thailandite gets the utmost performance and value.

At the same time, we also did AdSense integration according to the customer’s requirements. The unique thing about Thailandite’s AdSense approach is that the ads are natural and not obtrusive. This makes for a very distinct and professional experience.

The content size is suitable for travel customers. Most readers expect a website to be simple to browse and peruse, not to mention the content has to be informative and short. All the Thailandite content is designed to be informative, professional and it also encourages you to go onward to read more info about other locations and news.

Now Thailandite is a successful travel project and we wish it all the best. If you have a travel website or one that pertains to any industry, all you have to do is to get in touch with us and let us know what you need. We are always ready to take your vision and use our knowledge and expertise to make every idea a reality!

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