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Mobile Speed Optimization

Research has shown that people now spend more time browsing the internet on their mobile devices than their computer. But a lot of websites are still not optimized for mobile devices.

Optimizing websites for mobile devices ensures that the page speed, site design, site structure and others are maintain on mobile devices, not just computers.

Our Services

Our mobile optimization package makes use of Google’s Mobile Speed Test and Google’s Mobile Friendly Test to detect areas that need improvement.

After detecting problem areas, we’ll fix them thereby leading to an improvement on the friendliness and speed of your website.

Page speed optimization

A lot of people use their mobile phones to browse the interned, and page speed is more important to them than desktop users.

Mobile Websites Design

Mobile devices are changing the way websites are designed. We offer various mobile web services, including mobile design.

Minify CSS, HTML, and Javascript

Googlebot wants to know if mobile users can see content that desktop users see. Do not try to hide content. Optimize it.

Effective Web Development Solutions

Our Speed Optimization services

  • Defer parsing of JavaScript
  • Browser caching
  • Cache validation
  • Combining images using CSS sprites
  • Images optimization
  • Removing query strings from static resources
  • Minifying CSS. Minifying HTML. & Java Script
  • Enabling gzip compression
  • Checking bad requests
  • Minimizing redirects. & request size
Mobile Speed Optimization
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