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Mobile App Trend 2016

Mobile App: The New Trend for Small Business in 2016

In the last few years, the battle between different local and small businesses is concentrated in ranking on the top page of different search engine sites. They will continue to improve their SEO methodologies until they managed to get a higher SERP ranking on a specific keyword. However this 2016, increasing your online visibility will no longer suffice your business needs. The increasing users of smart phones, iOs, and Android devices have placed an emphasis on the development of a mobile app as a part of your marketing campaign.


Why Your Company Needs a Mobile App


During the initial year of the Mobile App development, the concurring cost for building an app will not be possible with the financial plan of small business. Thanks to the latest innovation and programs that can easily develop these applications, the cost of creating a mobile application has considerably reduced. This made it possible not only to create an affordable Android or iOs application but also to create an application in just a matter of time.


average app usage


According to the latest statistics, almost 75% of the people in Malta are using their phone to check for any notification or messages for at least once per 60 minutes. Based on the Gallup study, more than 90% of the time is dedicated to using the mobile app. In fact, iOS, android and smart phone can now be considered as the leading source of information. These numbers alone signifies that the development of mobile application is destined to become the principal marketing tool for all types of business.


Mobile app has proven that it can increase the visitor’s engagement by allowing them to easily gain on your application and visit you over and over again and allowing various web transactions such as e-commerce, push promotion, and loyalty card. The iOS or Android Application can convey the coupons and inform the costumers about the different promotional offer that can produce possible sales conversion. Mobile apps serve as the instant portal or connection of the customer to the company. The seamless connection, speedy response, and excellent support are the things that are highly valued by consumers.


app cover


Mobile app can also improve your company’s branding. By including a familiar logo on your iOS and Android app, the consumers will be able to recognize your company easily through a simple visual design. Branding is a major part of increasing your company’s visibility, credibility and improving your marketing strategy.


A lot of small businesses are skeptical about getting their own mobile app due to the misconception that the development of iOs or Android application might hurt their current spending plan. The idea of building it using different platforms sounds expensive and complicated. Furthermore, a huge percentage of small and local businesses have no idea in the development of their own app.

Fortunately, there are new emerging companies that can simplify the development of mobile app in different platform; such as iOS, Android, and Windows devices. They are now equipped with tools that can guide you in finding the right mobile application that is within your company’s budget.

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