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Google: Tightening its Android Contracts

For many years, Google has been changing the search engine to promote their services in the Google Web to generate more revenue from the search results. One of the most important key aspects of Google on generating their revenue from phones on mobile apps is the operating system of Android mobiles.


Evidence shows that Google keeps on adding requirements to manufacturers like Huawei Technologies, HTC and Samsung Electronics that continues to develop devices which use Android. These requirements include placing Google apps on easy to find icon folders or right on the home screen, pre-installing at least 20 Google apps to their developed devices and making Google Search easily found and very prominent.


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Google is known for being an “open” alternative for those people who do not want Apple for their operating system. Wireless-carrier and manufacturing partners of Android already had the thought that Google would try to increase their revenue year-by-year. They will do this by constantly promoting and requiring mobile manufacturers to make their apps more prominent compared to their competitors.


Manufacturers also understand that Google would like to achieve more consistency on their software experiences and as much as possible resist any customization by mobile manufacturers. Hardware makers also understand that Android is one of the leading software that powers billions of active devices right now anywhere in the world.


They constantly feel that Google is tightening up their requirements and Android partners do not have any choice but to agree to it. The agreements of contract requirements actually vary on how big a manufacturer is. They can still negotiate the terms, conditions, and requirements so that both the manufacturer and Google can extract more revenue from their competing brand Apple.


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Before an Android contract is signed, antitrust regulators of Europe review it first. This is to ensure that all separate allegations would be settles especially when it comes to the Google Search. Critics of the giant Google are saying that the company is trying to tie all the apps together so that Android partners would have no choice but to accept all or nothing for their phones. But at least for now, Google hasn’t spoken about this.

Android is known to be an open-source project which means anyone can use their software, but for companies who would like to have the latest Google services, they would need to sign a contract. Google will also require them to sign an “anti-fragmentation” agreement so that companies wouldn’t be able to distribute Android software to any device not associated with the contract.

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