Facebook messenger dark mode: How to activate it.

Many have wondered when Facebook will release a Dark Mode, at least for the most used mobile communication app: Messenger (the Android version has 65 millions downloads, and as many are estimated for the Apple version) . Well. today is the day.

At the moment this is just a Beta version, it means that it is still under development, but we, at Bubble Beep, tested it for 24 hours with all the the devices we normally use to test our websites and apps and found no issues; so we decided to share this comfortable info with everybody.

If you want to try it and enjoy its benefits, like more battery life (we had a daily extra battery time ranging from 20 minutes to 1 hour depending on the device; due to the minor energy needed to keep alive a black screen instead of a white one); or healthy benefits to your eyes, especially when, like most people do, you wake up and look at your phone or tablet to check the latest updates from your friends.

How to activate the dark mode on Messenger


Well, this is pretty easy job, you just need to send the “crescent moon” icon to a friend (so s/he will also know), then you will get an on-screen popup to check your Settings to activate it. See the image example:

The icon can be found by touching the happy face beside the text area (1), after “Emoji”, and then selecting the second tab (the bear) and scrolling to the bottom.

Once you send the icon to your friend, you will see an animation on your screen, crescent moons will fall from the top, then the option will just pop up on your screen.

Once activated from the setting menu, it can also be disabled, so don’t worry, if you are not comfortable with it you can turn it off at any time.

Benefits of a dark screen

Beside the extended battery life we mentioned before, there are also considerable health aspects in using a darker screen in everyday life (considering the whole system this time, not just this single app):

  • – Less blue light could mean less disruption to the body’s sleep cycle if using the display in the evening;
  • – Some medical conditions (e.g. photophobia) are less aggravated by dark backgrounds;
  • – Eye fatigue from video glare is reduced.

When using any type of technology, it is important to consider as many aspects as possible, we can help you not only to save money, but also time, improve the health conditions of your workspace and reduce the stress that maintaining a good online presence may cause.

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