Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing involves marketing a communicating with and selling your prospective customers through email. Every email that is sent to a customer is a marketing email. Our email marketing campaigns make use of emails to solicit sales, request for business and send ads. Email marketing is used to create brand awareness and build trust and loyalty.


Responsive Email Design

We’ll create responsive emails and we’ll use media queries to ensure that they are formatted appropriately on all devices.

Email Copywriting

We’ll help you create awesome email copy that’ll fetch you large profits and give you a high Return On your Investment.

Production & Deployment

We will help you produce, manage and deploy your email campaign, maximizing your business performance and revenue.

Automated Email Marketing

We have email marketing experts that’ll help you convert leads to sales, grow your sales and save you a lot of money and time.

Fully Managed Marketing

We’ll create two email campaigns for you monthly. All emails will be professionally written and designed just for you.

Email List Cleaning

We will clear out your old email addresses and update them with new addresses that’ll actually fetch you hot leads.


Create an Email Newsletter

Design awesome email marketing campaigns with our tools! Our design looks great on both mobile and desktop and you’ll have an assurance of quality and effectiveness with every email campaign you create.


Send Your Campaign and Ensure Delivery

Send email campaigns anytime you want! Emails are stored in the cloud so, you can access them anytime, anywhere. Plus, you can schedule your campaign to either be sent later or even immediately. We provide delivery report and statistics so you are assured of high delivery rates as we have feedback loops with all major internet service providers.

Effective Web Development Solutions

A/B Split Test

A/B Split Test involves sending two different emails to determine which is the better one. With this test, you can identify what your audience likes, and you can then streamline your emails to match their like. You can test your subject line, the best time/day for sending emails, email content, from name, CTA etc.

Track Campaigns. Monitor Reports

Our email marketing software will help you track your email marketing performance. You’ll see how many people opened your email, how many unsubscribed, the number of bounced emails and the click-through rates. We also provide data charts that can be used to analyze and interpret campaign performance, so that you can improve it.

Effective Web Development Solutions

We handle everything starting with individually tailored content till end-to-end email campaign and programmer management.

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